“When you think of Congregate Meals for the elderly and the Meals-on-Wheels programs, you usually think about cafeteria style meals; but the meals that Sidekim prepares are just like the meals that I cook at home, good quality meats and fresh vegetables, which are always perfectly seasoned and visually appealing.”

-Joe Wamness, Elder Service Plan of the North Shore

“The Sidekim Team has created and successfully executed thoughtful and innovative menu ideas, demonstrated a commitment to quality, healthy foods, and provided timely and accurate delivery service…”

-Senior Meals Client

“When I eat the Hispanic meals from Sidekim, the goodness of the food and the wonderful aromas cause me to reflect back on my childhood in the Dominican Republic, sitting around the table with my family and enjoying the delicious hot dishes that my mother had just prepared.”

-Participant, Elder Service Plan of the North Shore

“I have worked at several schools, but I have NEVER eaten the school lunch before. I have had Sidekim lunch every day this week and it has been fantastic! I love the fact that it’s not super greasy or cheesy – doesn’t slow me down in the afternoon.”

-Will Gardner, Executive Director
Alma del Mar Charter School

“Students look forward to lunch each day and know it will be fresh!”

-Shalaun Brown, Office Manager
Codman Academy Charter School

“I appreciate how you are tailoring the kids’ lunches to their choices. I am finding that nearly every student is eating now and that we are wasting very little food.”

-Jennifer Startek, Director of Academic Operations
Kipp Academy

”The Children loved the meals. Those who usually don’t eat ate a great deal of each meal including veggies!! The staff loved how easy preparation was and how the portions were correct for preschoolers.”

-Dawn Trethaway, Director
Building Blocks Pre-School, Lynn YMCA